Unitex Solutions’ business experience and technology knowledge ensures that our clients’ requirements are delivered rapidly and effectively.

#01 Web Design


We can build your website from pre-made themes from professional theme makers and concentrate on the performance and stability of your site, giving you a slick, rock-solid website in a very short turn-around, or go all out with a premium website design package that takes advantage of our years of experience building hundreds of professional, successful, and effective websites, taking into account the specific needs of your business and your customers. 

Either way, you get all the services you expect and need to run a premier website that converts customers for you, encourages return business, and gets your products or services out there into the biggest global marketplace in existence – the world. We use many different tools like WordPress, ASP.NET Core, Angular, OpenCart, WooCommerce and more importantly…


  • you get us,
  • our experience,
  • our expertise,
  • our support, and
  • our incredible design team.

#02 Database Solutions

We are data specialists and information technology experts who specialise in providing data solutions by analysing, collecting, storing and creating electronic data.

We are experts in data visualisation, data reporting, database development and data management.

Unitex Solutions also delivers expert and specialist services in data quality and enrichment, data migration and data cleaning. We use many different DBMS like SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle and …

#03 Custom Software

We at Unitex Solutions are proud to have a team of developers that can easily design custom applications that are just right for you. Our team:

  • gets to know your business
  • works on a clickable, interactive prototype
  • takes cross-browser compatibility, accessibility, usability, and other important aspects into consideration
  • writes the code using the most relevant tools, and
  • ensures that the applications undergo unit, integration and system testing.

What Custom Application Developers Do 

We develop applications that are specifically designed for your business or company. We are coding experts skilled in C#, Angular, ASP Core, SQL Server, MySQL, and Crystal Reports, StimulReport and many other languages and tools. We also ensure that once developed, your applications are fully secure and free from bugs. 

#04 E-Commerce

There are millions of customers out there looking for the products you sell every day. But there are millions of stores too that are selling the similar products. If you don’t work hard enough to drive those prospects and buyers in, your competitors will. 

At Unitex Solutions we help you not only drive the targeted audiences to your website but turn your site into a safe place for visitors to feel comfortable enough to share their confidential information and make purchases. 

We can create sophisticated payment systems that can handle multiple currency types, shipping options, tax options, and languages, as well robust coupon tools and payment gateways. 

Whether you wish to start a new business online or boost sales of existing products or services, we can help you every step of the way to operate online. No matter what your niche or products are, we offer a wide range of ecommerce solutions in Australia to help your business benefit from selling online. We use many different tools like ASP.NET Core, Angular, OpenCart, WooCommerce and …

#05 Mobile App

Android, iPhone, Windows Phones – we can design and implement incredibly cool and useful Apps for the mobile market that drive these busy modern people right to your storefront, whether physically or virtually. In fact, our depth of experience and talent for design means the whole process is easy for you.

You tell us your hopes and dreams, we work our magic, and before you know it you have a robust and desirable presence on the mobile market, and your customers are that much closer to you.

We also design for all the major platforms.

#06 IT Consulting

Unitex Solutions offer IT Consulting Service in Victoria, Australia. We act as an outsourced Chief Information Officer for our clients delivering the best IT consulting services for their businesses.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their business goals and gain a competitive edge through the smart use of IT Infrastructure and the guidance of our experts.  

We get it right every time and on time, because when you are a Unitex Solutions client, your IT projects will deliver business outcomes of which your competitors can only dream. Our team members have a wealth of knowledge and the resources required to deliver you the best IT services you and your business deserves.


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Unitex Solutions’ business experience and technology knowledge ensures that our clients’ requirements are delivered rapidly and effectively.

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P.O.Box 30, Dallas, VIC 3047 Australia

(+61) 427 800 209