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Innovating with a Digital Mindset

We are an Australian IT consultancy and development business.

Since 2015 we have been a visionary and a reliable software engineering partner for some businesses in Australia. We are an Australian IT consultancy and software development business that provides cutting edge engineering solutions.


We Provide Flexible IT Services


We here to help small-medium size business and companies to grow.With more than 18 years of experience , we know what you want need for your IT in your business.our target is to keep you think and focus on your business and we offer you very affordable price.All we thinks is to keep your business continue and grow

How we work with our clients

Emitex: we do first short meeting to study and check your case then give you first view about your project that is consist of time , price and final project view and then if you accept we move to next step that is agreement.

What guarantee that we can provide you


  • Confidentiality guarantee : All client details will be kept confidential
  • Support guarantee : Free 3-12 months support for defect resolution
  • Results guarantee : Progress-linked payments weighted toward the en
Is there any way to speed up the development of my project?

Emitex: Our goal is to finalize each project as soon as possible, but to maintain optimal workflow, we need to have our whole development team busy ahead. Do not forget to plan ahead as well. This way you will avoid stressful situations and lower the risk of missed deadline.

I want to develop a soft/Application, how much does it cost?

Emitex: There is a number of ways to evaluate the total amount of your business idea implementation costs. At Emitex, cost and duration estimation process is based on available data/knowledge, past experience/historical data, assumptions, and identified risks. The process includes estimation of the size of the product that is planned to be developed, the effort in person-months or person-hours, and the cost in agreed currency. Cost and duration estimation process at Emitex engages Business Analysts, relevant technical specialists, and client (for getting necessary information and aligning technical and business goals). The estimation takes place during acquiring, planning, and implementing the project when new requirements from the client arise.

Companies may produce a quote based on the blended hourly rate of all team members dedicated to your engagement. At Emitex , we recommend our customers to opt for teams with a mix of junior, mid-level and senior specialists. A lower-cost team of all junior specialists will lack the experience to be productive, while hiring only senior specialists in an attempt to get a team filled exclusively with the most experienced developers will cost you more and may cause team-work issues. Balanced teams are the best option.

Do you provide free quotes?

Emitex: Yes, Once the requirements are understood by the technical team, the time and cost estimates are provided. Usually if the understanding phase takes more than a week, then it could be chargeable.

How safe will be my project related information?

Emitex: We sign a NDA~ Non Disclosure Agreement which safeguards your information and maintains confidentiality.

What we say

Emitex is a new brand for new ideas

Emitex is  an Australian IT services, consultancy & software development company that provides IT solutions.


P.O.Box 30, Dallas, VIC 3047 Australia

(+61) 427 800 209